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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Eagle County Climbers Coalition plays a critical role in guiding our mission to enhance education, outreach, access, and environmental stewardship in the climbing community of Eagle County and surrounding areas. Collaborating with partners like regional coalitions, the Access Fund, local stakeholders, and governing bodies, the Board leads strategic initiatives and decisions that safeguard climbing areas and promote a sustainable climbing culture.


As a life long local, Tim is deeply passionate about our Valley and its community. His love of the mountains has driven him to pursue the conservation of these extraordinary places we share. With a background in education and nearly twenty years of climbing experience, his motivation to preserve our climbing areas, not just for current users, but for all of those who will come after, is a fundamental part of who he is.


Joe is a lifelong climber, having fallen love with it as a high school student growing up on the Colorado front range. Upon making the Eagle valley his permanent home in 2009 he has continued to share his passion for the outdoors with the greater community around him. With a background in outdoor education and community-based health care Joe understands the importance of keeping climbing areas safe and accessible to all. He is committed to the ethical and environmental principles that will ensure that our climbing areas will be here for generations to come.


USA Climbing Instructor, Eagle Climbing + Fitness Owner/Operator, AMGA Certified Instructor, USA Climbing Coach, Team Head Coach, Professional Rock Climbing Guide, Adventure Travel Guides International Owner/Operator


David began rock climbing in the Boulder area in 1988 and has since climbed both ice and rock in Eagle County for nearly thirty years. He has spent close to 20 years teaching and guiding both rock and ice climbing including coaching the elite team at Eagle Climbing + Fitness.  Over the years, he has watched the local climbing areas become more popular and feels strongly that this growth should be properly managed so that both current and future users can experience the beauty of our surrounding areas like they were 30 years ago. Climbing has given David so much in life and as a board member of the Eagle County Climbing Coalition, he is excited for yet another chance to give back to our community. He hopes to pass on his love of climbing and his respect for the wonderful climbing resources in and around Eagle County.


Devin first began climbing in Joshua Tree and Southern Arizona, before moving to Boulder for grad school. After a series of veteran ice climbing programs in Montana, and climbing in the Boulder area, Devin quickly found a new appreciation for the sport. With a deep passion for the outdoors and wildlife, Devin looks forward to contributing to the local climbing community with an emphasis on maintaining the aesthetic, appropriately managing growth, and caring for the places we hold dear.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Eagle County Climbers Coalition brings together community representatives dedicated to guiding the coalition's efforts in conservation, development, and community outreach. Leveraging their expertise in climbing and mountaineering, they provide informed advice on initiatives aimed at sustaining climbing areas through education, engaging the community, and hands-on conservation efforts like trail repairs and area clean-ups. Through their advisory role, the board is instrumental in cultivating a responsible, sustainable climbing community, striving to maintain the accessibility and beauty of Eagle County's outdoor spaces for generations to come, all within a framework that encourages inclusivity and a deep respect for nature.

Markian Feduschak - Walking Mountains Science Center
Dave Tucholke - Colorado Mountain College 
Rachel Solomon -
Paragon Guides
Scott Dodd - EC+F
Dave Manny - Redcliff Representative
Mike Schneiter - Director RFCC & Glenwood Climbing Guides
Tim McParlan - SMM
Ryan Currence - Adventure Travel Guides
Steph Hovater - Mountian Recreation



Governing/Founding Document

Governing/Founding Document


Board Member Apllication 

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